Corona crisis: Voluntary help is now needed

Corona crisis: Voluntary help is now needed

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Show solidarity, take action!

Due to the corona pandemic, many people have more time than usual because they are on short-time work and / or are currently unable to do many of the usual leisure activities. In other areas, on the other hand, much more work is required and support is urgently needed. So if you are getting bored these days or are in danger of falling on the covers at home, here are a few ways to get active for the community.

Voluntary help in the hospital

Many hospitals can register as volunteers. Primarily people with specialist knowledge and experience in the field of medicine and nursing are sought. Non-specialists are also welcome in part, who could take on tasks in transport or supply, for example.

Since there is no overall coordination for the deployment, you must take action yourself if you are interested and find out at the individual hospitals in your area online or by telephone whether volunteers are being sought there.

Food distribution of the plates

In Germany there are over 900 charitable tables. These organizations collect flawless excess food from trade and manufacture. They are then distributed to more than 1.6 million people in need. To provide this necessary help, many volunteers are needed every day. These are often older people, but they are at risk for infection with the novel corona virus with a severe course.

Jochen Brühl, Chairman of "Tafel Deutschland e.V.", describes the situation in a press release on the Tafel as follows:

“The blackboard work is carried out by older people. Every day they volunteer physically and psychologically demanding help and a valuable service to society. Retired men and women not only carry, clean and sort the groceries, they also turn to our customers. These are often lonely and marginalized. Now the helping ages need our protection, solidarity and support. I want to motivate younger people to fill the short-term gap in aid and get involved. ”

The boards currently need help, for example, to set up or expand delivery services, pack food in bags or packages, and dispense food in the open air.

Using this search, you can find a board near you and offer your support there, unless you belong to the risk group.

Sew protective masks

The non-profit association "Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V." has the "Action Sewing Love - Help with: Sewing a makeshift mouth protection!" brought to life. You can either sew and donate masks from your own material or order a starter set with fabric and sewing instructions. The set contains material for several masks as well as a prepaid envelope.

You can find all the important information on the website for the “Sewing love campaign”.

Neighborhood help

Many people are currently in need of help because they belong to the risk group or because they are already ill and in quarantine. You depend on others to get food or medication, or you may need someone to take the dog for a walk.

If you want to offer your help, you can, for example, join a corresponding group on Facebook. In apartment buildings, a notice can be placed in the stairwell. This is often more practical for older people looking for help, because they often have no access to the Internet.

In any case, pay attention to appropriate protective measures for yourself and others and limit your help to one person or a household, if possible, to keep the risk of infection for yourself and others low.

Donate blood or plasma

Find out how you can help with a blood or plasma donation in our article "Corona pandemic: Your blood donation can save lives". (kh)

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