Cannabis in the supermarket: how dangerous is cannabidiol (CBD)?

Expert explains about cannabidiol (CBD)

Different cannabis-based products have found their way into various supermarkets, health food stores and drug stores. The palette ranges from oils, balms, capsules and pastes to chewing gum and sweets. All contain the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plant. What does this substance do? Is it harmless? A health expert explains.

In the United States, CBD products have outperformed all other supplements. The articles achieved the largest sales increase in the segment to date. The products are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. However, many do not know exactly what is behind the natural active ingredient. Dr. Brent Bauer is the director of the Mayo Clinic Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Research. The expert explains the advantages and disadvantages of CBD.

Wonder weapon or misfire?

"CBD is strong enough to help you and it is strong enough to hurt you," emphasizes Dr. Farmer. CBD is integrated into a variety of products and the marketing promises a comprehensive effect against several, sometimes serious diseases. For example, it is said to help against nausea, fear, cancer, arthritis and even Alzheimer's. In addition, CBD is said to have a calming effect.

Does CBD Actually Work?

"We know from animal studies and some laboratory studies that cannabidiol is a pretty good anti-inflammatory," explains the doctor. In addition, the substance has an analgesic effect and an influence on the general mood. So it's actually a substance that has an effect in the body and not a placebo. However, CBD does not create a state of intoxication. The responsible tetrahydrocanabinol (THC) is not included in the products.

Warning: interaction with other drugs

Dr. Bauer urgently advises that the regular use of CBD be clarified by a doctor. Because there are known interactions with other drugs. For example, it can alter the effects of blood thinners or even impair the effects of chemotherapy drugs in cancer treatment.

Many questions still unanswered

"There has to be more research on CBD," summarizes Bauer. The leading indicators show that it is safe for most people, but many questions remain unanswered. The unclear study situation is also reflected in the availability. Large drugstores such as Rossman and DM were in the headlines several times because they first included the CBD oil in the product range, then removed it and then partly sold it again.

Take it or rather keep your hands off it?

"I am very optimistic that CBD can be something useful," said the expert. One shouldn't expect magic, however. With regular use, especially when taking other medications, a doctor should also be consulted, advises Dr. (vb)

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